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        According to information gathered by the Hall Commission on grain transportation and recorded in Grain and Rail in Western Canada: Vol. 1 (1975/04/18), the Grain Growers Grain Company was born in July of 1906 out of the Territorial Grain Growers Association which itself was formed as a result of a meeting of disgruntled farmers in Indian Head, District of Assiniboia, N-WT, on December 18th, 1901. The GGGC bought or leased the 174 elevators that the Manitoba government built or acquired in a failed venture to insulate the farmers of that province from the vagaries of the elevator &#!47;line companies,” the privately-owned concerns which had raised the ire of Territorial farmers in the first place. In 1917 the GGGC amalgamated with the Alberta Farmers Co-operative Elevator Company Limited1 to become the United Grain Growers. In 1923 producers in Alberta formed the Alberta Pool, and the next year the Manitoba Pool was formed. In 1924, too, the UGG and the Saskatchewan Co-operative Elevator Company (SCEC)2 helped found the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool which incorporated the Saskatchewan Pool Elevator Company the following year to acquire the 451 elevators and Port Arthur terminals of the SCEC. By 1974 there were 19 companies grain companies active in Canada, eight of those classified as “major” and present in The West, the result of amalgamations.
        An incomplete list from Grain and Rail augmented from on-line sources:
1914?        Owned by N.M. Paterson and Company, the Royal Elevator Company
                buys a line of 14 Saskatchewan elevators and forms
                Interior Elevator Company to run them.
1920        The N.M. Paterson and Company consolidates its holdings under its
                own name, 76 elevators.
1922        Topper Grain takes over the Saskatchewan and Western Elevator Company.
1929        Federal Grain Ltd. formed to consolidate the Federal Grain
                Company, the International Elevator Company, the McLaughlin
                Elevator Company, the Brook Elevator Company, the Consolidated
                Elevator Company, the Northwestern Elevator Company,
                Stewart Terminals, the Union Grain Company Ltd, the Topper Grain
                Company Ltd. Federal also acquired Maple Leaf Milling Company,
                which had 54 elevators, and the Gold Grain Company, which had
                14 elevators. Federal then had 355 elevators.
1929        Alberta Pacific Grain gains a near controlling interest in the Federal Grain Ltd.
1929        The Searle Grain Company, Limited,3 merged the Saskatchewan
                Elevator Company, the Home Grain Company (Alberta only),
                and the Searle Elevator Company to control 277 elevators plus
                grain terminals at both Port Arthur and Vancouver.
1930        The Searle Grain Company acquired the Malden Elevator Company,
                13 elevators on the Soo Line.
1931        The Pioneer Grain Company, Limited,4 gained 44 elevators
                by amalgamating with the Saskatchewan Elevator and the
                Western Elevator companies.
1938        The Searle Grain Company acquired Standard Elevator Company,
                32 elevators.
1938        The UGG buys up the Anderson Grain Company and its six elevators.
1940        Manitoba Pool Elevators acquires Western Canada Flour Mills,
                41 elevators.
1940        Federal Grain Limited purchased part of the Bawlf Grain Co.,
                21 elevators.
1940        Alberta Pacific Grain purchased part of the Bawlf Grain Co.,
                72 elevators
1943        Manitoba Pool Elevators acquires Alberta Pacific and Federal,
                14 elevators.
1943        Federal Grain Limited purchased Alberta Pacific Grain,
                800 elevators
1943        The UGG buys up Gillespie Grain.
1947        The UGG buys up Reliance Grain and its 110 elevators.
1947        Manitoba Pool Elevators acquires the Reliance Grain Company,
                20 elevators.
1947?        The Alberta Wheat Pool acquired the Northern Grain Company,
                29 elevators.
1947        Pioneer swallows Reliance Grain, 30 elevators.
1951        Pioneer Grain acquires Western Grain, 148 elevators.
1954        The UGG buys the Midland and Pacific Grain Company,
                65 elevators.
1953        Pioneer Grain acquires the Independent Grain Co.,
                29 elevators.
1959        The UGG buys the Canadian Consolidated Grain Company,
                129 elevators.
1959        The Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta Wheat Pools buy up
                Lake o’ the Woods, 99 elevators.
1959        The Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta Wheat Pools buy up
                Ogilvie Mills, 56 elevators.
1961        The UGG buys Canadian West Grain, five elevators.
1967        Federal Grain, Alberta Pacific, and Searle Grain amalgamate
                as Federal Grain Limited, 1150 elevators.
1968        The UGG buys McCabe Grain, 72 elevators.
1968        Parrish and Heimbecker buy the concrete Robin Hood elevator in Moose Jaw.
1972        Pioneer Grain acquires Inter-Ocean Grain, 26 elevators.
1972        The Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta Wheat Pools buy
                Federal Grain Limited, 1,092 elevators
1973        Parrish and Heimbecker buy the concrete Quaker Oats elevator in Saskatoon.
1974        The Cargill Grain Company buys National Grain, 286 elevators.
1975        Parrish and Heimbecker buy the Ellison Milling Company, 11 elevators.


  1. Established in 1913. !NB: To return to this end-note’s origin in the main text, left-click your browser’s “Back” arrow

  2. Established in 1911. !NB: To return to this end-note’s origin in the main text, left-click your browser’s “Back” arrow

  3. Established in 1921. !NB: To return to this end-note’s origin in the main text, left-click your browser’s “Back” arrow

  4. The Pioneer Grain Company Limited had been formed by the James Richardson and Sons Company in 1913 and by 1921 operated some 100 elevators. !NB: To return to this end-note’s origin in the main text, left-click your browser’s “Back” arrow

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