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Page 21 (1949 - 1962)

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1949Hedley, BC: The Hedley Gold Mining Company shuts down the Mascot Fraction mine.
1949B.C.: Paving of BC’s Kootenay Lake’s east shore road complete.
1949AB: Consolidated M&S took a record 600,000 tons of Coleman area coal.
1949Chapman Camp, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting concentrator modified to capture indium.
1949B.C.: Provincial prohibition on Native political organization lifted.
1949CP begins converting its locomotives to burn fuel oil.
1949Creston, BC: CP replaces 1898 station.
1949Creston, BC: Third elevator built.
1949Kimberley, BC: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian completed.
1949Kimberley, BC: The high-capacity “High Line” haulageway completed between the 3700-foot level of the Sullivan Mine and the CM&S concentrator at Chapman Camp.
1949B.C.: Bark Beetle infestation begins in southern Kootenays.
1949Kitchener, BC: Dr. F.W. (Frank) Green’s former sick-house was destroyed.
1949Trail, BC: Cominco Arena completed.
1949WinterCrowsnest, BC: Last harvest of ice from Summit Lake.
1949JanuaryCreston, BC: Kootenay Hotel opened.
1949Jan. 11Lethbridge, AB: Premier Ernest C. Manning opens the new traffic bridge over the Oldman River.
1949Jan. 12Salmo, BC: Canex ceases milling tungsten at Emerald mine operation nearby and begins converting the mill to concentrate lead and zinc as well.
1949Mar. 7Marysville, BC: Incorporated as a Village.
1949Mar. 21Brookmere, BC: CPR No. 907 blows up and destroys the 3-stall roundhouse. Rebuilt as a 4 stall structure, demolished in 1972.
1949Apr. 5Blairmore, AB: Crowsnest Pass Hospital opened.
1949Apr. 12Blairmore, AB: First baby, Margaret Savinkoff, born in Crowsnest Pass Hospital.
1949June 15BC election: B.I. Johnson’s Liberal/P.C. coalition re-elected.
1949June 20Nelson, BC: Streetcars retired.
1949June 27Federal election: Louis St. Laurent’s Liberals returned to power.
1949Oct. 20Michel, BC: Crow’s Nest Pass Coal closes Erickson strip operation.
1949Oct. 21Michel, BC: Crow’s Nest Pass Coal opens the Baldy Mountain strip operation on Natal Ridge.
1949Nov. 2Allison Pass, BC: Crowsnest Highway declared open by premier Byron Johnson and minister of Public Works, E.C. Carson.
1949Nov. 11Fernie, BC: Memorial Hospital opens (demolished 1975).
1950Federal political: The Department of Veterans’ Affairs purchases tracts between Keremeos and Cawston, BC, for the settlement of veterans.
1950Coleman, AB. Ukranian/Greek Catholic Church completed.
1950Burmis, AB: Burmis Lumber Company operating 3 mills on Lost Creek and planer mill.
1950Bellevue, AB.: West Canadian Collieries builds new coal washery.
1950Lethbridge, AB: Addition to Carnegie Library.
1950Lethbridge, AB: Sick’s brewery gardens opened.
1950Alberta Government Telephones competes its micro-wave tower on Crowsnest Ridge.
1950Jan. 3Lethbridge, AB: Record cold: -42.8º Celsius.
1950FebruaryBurmis, AB: School classes cease. Students to Pincher Creek or Lundbreck, AB.
1950Feb. 1AB political: John James Bowlen appointed lieutenant-governor (to December 19th, 1959).
1950Apr. 3Princeton, BC: Tulameen Collieries shuts down.
1950Apr. 27Lethbridge, AB: Green Acres Drive-In Theatre opens.
1950JuneFernie, BC: Interior Breweries Company acquires the Brewery.
1950July 31Waneta, BC: postal bureau closes.
1950July 31Columbia Gardens, BC: postal bureau closes.
1950Aug. 15Thursday.
1950Aug. 15The RCM Police absorb the B.C. Provincial Police.
1950Oct. 1BC political: Colonel Clarence Wallace commissioned as the lieutenant-governor.
1950Oct. 2Christina Lake, BC: Alpine Inn burns.
1950NovemberLethbridge, AB: Civic Centre opens with 10-sheet curling rink and skating rink.
1950Dec. 4Macleod, AB: new Post Office opens.
1951Coal Mountain, BC: Byron Creek Collieries begins work.
1951Rossland, BC: CP builds a new station to replace the 1899 building.
1951Kimberley, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting begins building a fertilizer plant nearby.
1951Bellevue, AB: Bellevue Volunteer Fire Dept. organized.
1951Lethbridge, AB: Branch No. 4 of the Canadian Legion, British Empire Service League, renamed “General Stewart Branch No. 4 of the Canadian Legion, BESL.”
1951Lethbridge, AB: Branch of the YWCA opened.
1951Jan. 5“Royal City,” AB: The Chester flooded and sealed in February.
1951MarchColeman, AB: fire brigade re-organized by Aldo Montalbetti.
1951May 1Salmo, BC: Canex completes purchase of the Emerald mine nearby from the Canadian government.
1951May 1Federal political: Leonard Hanson Nicholson, MBE, appointed tenth Commissioner of the RCMP (to March 31, 1959).
1951JuneBurmis, AB: School house removed to Lundbreck.
1951June 1Hillcrest-Mohawk Collieries, Limited, offered to buy all shares of International Coal & Coke, and McGillivray Creek Coal & Coke held by Consolidated Mining & Smelting and L.A. Campbell’s estate.
1951June 19McGillivray Creek Coal & Coke accepts International Coal and Coke’s offer of $300,000 for its operations.
1951JulyWest Canadian Collieries offers to buy International Coal & Coke, and McGillivray Creek Coal & Coke.
1951JulyMacleod, AB: Town petitions Ottawa for “Fort” to be re-attached to its name.
1951JulyAB: The Forestry Trunk Road northward from Coleman through the Kananaskis Country to Hinton and Edson, AB, completed.
1951July 16AB: Dam on the St. Mary’s River completed to serve the St. Mary’s Irrigation District.
1951Aug. 30Penticton, BC: Sicamous arrives under tow to be beached as a museum.
1951Oct. 7Princeton, BC: Incorporated as a Village: Isaac Plecash, mayor.
1951Dec. 4AB: Coleman Collieries, Limited, incorporated. $1.21 million capitalization. Controling interest owned by CP’s Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. HQ at Coleman, H.S. Patterson as president.
1952Boswell, BC: D.H. Brown begins his “peculiar” Glass Castle nearbt on Kootenay Lake.
1952Rossland, BC: The owners of the War Eagle/Center Star combine’s assets return the Union Hall to the local miners after more than 50 years.
1952Keremeos, B.C.: Clarke and Armstrong’s packing house burns. Replaced.
1952AB: Crowsnest Highway re-routed around Crowsnest Lake.
1952Grand Forks, BC: CPR abandons old Kettle Valley Railway station downtown and moves local operations to the Columbia station.
1952Sparwood, BC: high school opened.
1952Kimberley, BC: The Hudson’s Bay Company buys the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company’s Mark Creek Store.
1952Kimberley, BC: Selkirk Senior Secondary School opened.
1952Coleman, AB: International and McGillivray Creek mines linked underground.
1952Castlegar, BC: Canadian Celanese Corporation buys the flood-damaged William Waldie and Sons, Limited, saw mill.
1952Lethbridge, AB: St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church completed.
1952JanuaryLethbridge, AB: First diesel locomotive-powered train arrives. Fairbanks-Morse “C-Liner.”
1952Jan. 1“Trust Deed” signed creating Coleman Collieries, Limited, from from the assets of International Coal & Coke, McGillivray Creek Coal & Coke, and Hillcrest-Mohawk Collieries (which would remain a separate entity with its original shares outstanding).
1952FebruaryCoalhurst, AB: Pentecostal Assembly church burns.
1952Feb. 6King George VI dies.
1952Feb. 29Coleman, AB: The last load of coke removed from the coking ovens.
1952Mar. 14Bellevue, AB: Hillcrest-Mohawk Collieries quits mining the Mohawk.
1952Apr. 1Federal political: Order-in-Council granting Macleod, AB, its “Fort.”
1952Apr. 8B.C.: West Kootenay Power completes the Kootenay Lake span and connects to East Kootenay Power.
1952Apr. 15Bluebell mine and new concentrator activated with WK Power.
1952June 12B.C. political: 23rd General Election
1952Aug. 1B.C. political: Wm. Andrew Cecil Bennett and Social Credit government installed.
1952Aug. 5AB election: E.C. Manning and Social Credit re-elected.
1952Oct. 1Salmo, BC: Canex completes the repurchase of the Emerald mine nearby from the Canadian government.
1952Nov. 4Fruitvale, BC: Incorporated as a Village.
1952Nov. 16A Sunday.
1952Nov. 16Calgary, AB: Curtis Reid Wilson born in the General Hospital.
1953 Bridesville, BC: Fire destroys hotel and dance hall.
1953Elko, BC: The Waldo Stockbreeders Association holds its last livestock auction.
1953Federal political: Hereditary nature of Native chieftenhood destroyed by the imposition of the Dominion government’s First Nations’ electoral system.
1953Crowsnest Pass, AB: West Canadian Collieries offers to join or buy Coleman Collieries, Limited, of Coleman.
1953Consolidated Mining and Smelting completes Waneta Dam on the Pend d’Oreille River.
1953B.C.: CP replaces steam locomotives with diesel in south.
1953Jaffray, BC: Jehovah’s Witnesses raise their first Kingdom Hall.
1953Salmo, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting completes concentration mill at the nearby HB mine.
1953JanuaryHillcrest, AB: Residents vote to incorporate their community. Never done.
1953Jan. 20Coleman, AB: Three dead in a “bump” in the McGillivray mine.
1953SpringLethbridge, AB: “The Bottoms” flooded. Surviving structures razed.
1953May 26Boswell, BC: Fruit Growers Association disbanded.
1953June 2Elizabeth II crowned queen.
1953June 9B.C. political: W.A.C. Bennett leads Social Credit to victory.
1953June 26Lethbridge, AB: First diesel-powered Kootenay Express arrives. Fairbanks-Morse “C-Liner.”
1953July 1Macleod, AB: Town officially re-prefixes “Fort” to its name.
1953Aug. 10Federal election: Mackenzie’s Liberals returned to power.
1953SeptemberB.C. & AB: CP completes dieselization of KVL/CNL with Fairbanks-Morse locomotives.
1953Sep. 9B.C.: RCMP begin rounding up Doukhobor dissidents in the Kootenays.
1953Oct. 8AB: Hillcrest-Mohawk Collieries buys a bigger stake in Coleman Collieries, Limited.
1953Oct. 29BC: British Columbia Telephone Co. buys the Kootenay Telephone Co. effective November 1. Exchanges included were Cranbrook, Michel/Natal, Fernie, Creston, and Kimberley.
1953DecemberB.C.: East Kootenay Power completes 2nd dam on the Bull River.
1954Mascot mine at Hedley, BC, shuts down.
1954M.V. Balfour begins service on BC’s Kootenay Lake between the east shore and Balfour.
1954CP ends mixed train service on BC’s Slocan Lake.
1954Elko, B.C.: The nearly completed new school burns. Reconstruction begins.
1954Hillcrest, AB.: St. Francis Anglican Church closed. Congregation buys Ukranian Hall in Bellevue, AB, names it St. Francis and transfrrs church treasures thereto.
1954The Great Northern lifts Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway trackage between Hedley and Keremeos.
1954Jan. 1AB political: Municipal District of Lethbridge No. 25 declared.
1954Jan. 24Nelson, BC: CPR opens diesel service plant.
1954Feb. 1Michel, BC: CNP Coal opens new briquette plant.
1954Feb. 4Cranbrook, BC: Woodworkers’ strike ends.
1954MarchColeman, AB: International mine sealed.
1954MarchCowley, AB: Village buys Alvin Murphy’s power distribution grid.
1954Apr. 23B.C.: CP withdraws Minto from service on BC’s Arrowhead Lakes.
1954May 25Frank, AB: Noontime: the “Man Rock” on Turtle Mountain falls.
1954June 15Blakeburn, BC: Mullin’s Strip Mine Limited acquired the rights to mine coal.
1954Dec. 2Hillcrest-Mohawk Collieries buys Consolidated M&S’s stake in Coleman Collieries, Limited.
1955Eastport, ID: CPR and Union Pacific build Spokane International yards.
1955Coleman, AB: Coleman Collieries, Limited, completes construction of briquetting plant.
1955Blairmore, AB: RCMP detachment moves from old Courthouse and to offices in the new post office building.
1955Blairmore, AB: Town annexes West Blairmore.
1955Lethbridge, AB: St. Augustine’s Anglican consecrated.
1955AB: CP introduces Budd RDCs “Dayliners” on the Calgary–Lethbridge, Lethbridge–Medicine Hat runs.
1955Elko, BC: Reconstruction of the new school finally completed.
1955B.C.: The Nakusp and Slocan washed out above Kaslo on the ex-K&S line.
1955Apr. 24The CPR’s “Dayliner” service between Lethbridge and Calgary along the Aldersyde branch inaugurated.
1955May 25Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Municipal Hospital opened.
1955June 14Lethbridge, AB: Sod turned on new synagogue.
1955June 29E.C. Manning and Social Credit re-elected in Alberta.
1955Sep. 23Kelowna Mines Hedley Limited discontinued working the Nickel Plate at Hedley.
1955Nov. 15Galloway, BC: Curling Rink completed and flooded. First games played on December 19th.
1955Nov. 23Princeton, BC: New post office building opened.
1956 CPR absorbs Kettle Valley Railway.
1956Elko, BC: the Elk Hotel burns.
1956Slocan Lake, BC: Iris G launched by Interior Lake Services to barge CP freight under contract.
1956Deadwood, BC: Last mining done above Greenwood, BC.
1956AB: Burmis Lumber Company’s timber lease expires; not renewable.
1956B.C.: Burns and Farstad ally Cranbrook Sawmills with Crestbrook Timber Limited.
1956Yahk, BC: Connected to Idaho Power along with the lower Moyie valley.
1956Feb. 29Wardner, BC: CNP Lumber closes plant.
1956MarchCrestbrook Lumber Company incorporated.
1956Mar. 17Lethbridge, AB: J.J. Hamilton closes Federal mine.
1956AprilCrestbrook Lumber Company buys ex-Crow’s Nest Pass Lumber’s Wardner planing mill.
1956June 4Crestbrook Lumber Company loses new Parson mill to fire.
1956June 22Montrose, BC: Incorporated as a Village.
1956Aug. 12Hedley, BC: Major fire downtown.
1956Sep. 19B.C. election: W.A.C. Bennett and Social Credit re-elected.
1956Oct. 30Keremeos, BC: Incorporated as a Village.
1956Nov. 30Sanca, BC: Postal bureau closed.
1956Dec. 6Hedley, BC: Major fire downtown.
1957Coal Creek, BC: CNP Coal shuts down last mine, and Morrissey, Fernie and Michel Railway ceases operations.
1957Sirdar, BC: The CPR abandons the community.
1957Bellevue, AB: incorporates as a Village.
1957Jaffray, BC: Jaffray Elementary Junior Secondary School opened.
1957AB: Shell Oil discovers the Waterton Field—gas—in the south-west.
1957Brocket, AB: CP completes its Pecten Branch to Shell’s gas plant at Pecten in south-western AB.
1957Crowsnest Pass, AB: Coleman Collieries, Limited, begins underground mining at Vicary strip mine.
1957Shaughnessy, AB: Standard coal mine becomes the Galt No. 10 with the closure of Galt No. 8.
1957Greenwood, BC: Woodgreen Copper Corporation leases the Mother Lode mine nearby and built a 1,000 ton-per-day concentration mill on the site.
1957JanuaryCP introduces Budd RDCs “Dayliners” on the KVR/CNL between Medicine Hat, AB, and Hope, BC.
1957Jan. 1AB: Crowsnest Consolidated School District No. 63 formed. (Blairmore-Frank, Hillcrest and Bellevue-Maple Leaf: Coleman joined 1970)
1957Jan. 15Hedley, BC: Third major fire downtown.
1957Jan. 30Fernie, BC: CNP Coal wound up operations at the Elk River Colliery, soon blasting its tunnels closed. End of mining in Coal Creek valley.
1957Feb. 8Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Collieries, Ltd, closes the Galt No. 8 coal mine.
1957Apr. 10Bellevue, AB: West Canadian Collieries suspends operations of the Bellevue mine.
1957Apr. 17Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Junior College opens.
1957Apr. 24On Kootenay Lake, BC: Moyie begins her final run.
1957Apr. 27Kaslo, BC: Moyie tied up in retirement.
1957Apr. 30Blairmore, AB: West Canadian Collieries ceases operations at the Greenhill mine.
1957Apr. 30Princeton, BC: Granby Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. shuts down its Copper Mountain operation nearby.
1957Apr. 30Blakeburn, BC: Mullin’s Strip Mine Limited ceases operations.
1957May 27Fort Macleod, AB: Construction begins on a replica of the original N-WMP fort.
1957June 10Federal election: J.G. Diefenbaker leads Progressive Conservatives to minority power.
1957June 26Golden, BC: Incorporated as a Town.
1957July 5Charles Sherwood Noble, the inventor of the “Noble Blade,” dies.
1957July 23The Crow’s Nest Pass Lumber Company, Limited, dissolved.
1957JulyCP begins the 2 month-long job of lifting the Kettle Valley Railway’s Allenby-Copper Mountain spur. Soon lifts rest of spur from Princeton to Allenby.
1957Oct. 27CPR discontinues Kootenay Express and Kettle Valley Express on the Kettle Valley Line.
1957Nov. 7Nelson, BC: The $4 million West Arm bridge opened by Premier Bennett.
1957DecemberBC and AB: CPR introduces Budd RDC cars on its “Southern Mainline” from Medicine Hat, AB, to Hope, BC.
1958B.C.: Melinda Jane launched onto Kootenay Lake by Kootenay Water Transport Co. to barge CP freight under contract. Sold 1980.
1958B.C.: Canalization of the Okanagan River between Osoyoos and Lake Skaha completed.
1958Galloway, B.C.: Curling Rink expanded with a community hall.
1958Lethbridge, AB: Molson’s buys Sick’s brewery.
1958Lethbridge, AB: Water tower on Magrath Blvd. completed.
1958I.R. 148, AB.: Jim Shot-on-Both-Sides becomes head chief of the Kainai Nation.
1958Jan. 31Prime Minister John Geo. Diefenbaker appoints Jas. Gladstone—Akay-na-muka, “Many Guns”—of the Kainai Nation as Canada’s first senator of Aboriginal descent.
1958Mar. 3Passenger service on Kettle Valley Railway switched to Budd diesel cars.
1958Mar. 31Diefenbaker returned as Progressive Conservative prime minister of Canada. Landslide.
1958MayCrestbrook Lumber Company sells Wardner operations to the Graf brothers.
1858May 28Nelson, BC: the old Hotel Phair burns.
1958June 17Vancouver, BC: The new Second Narrows Bridge collapses while under construction.
1958July 31Salmo, BC: Canex shuts down the Emerald mine and mill nearby.
1958AugustB.C.: Crestbrook Lumber Company’s Kootenay Spruce mill at Mineral Lake burned.
1958Galloway, BC: St. Joseph’s Chapel founded under the direction of Fr. W. Scott.
1958Oct. 5Grand Forks, BC: Boundary Museum opened.
1959 B.C.: CPR upgrades Kootenay Central Railway to handle coal unit-trains.
1959Castlegar, BC: Celgar, Limited, subsidiary of the Celanese Corporation of America, completes its pulp mill.
1959on Phœnix Mountain, BC: Granby Mining Company built a 900 ton-per-day concentrating mill; operated through its subsidiary, the Phœnix Copper Company.
1959Fernie, B.C.: Fernie brewery closed and dismantled.
1959British-American Oil Co. discovers Butte gas field in s-w Alberta.
1959CP upgrades Kootenay Central trackage in anticipation of abandoning the Coquihalla section of the Kettle Valley Railway.
1959Cowley, AB.: Cowley School closes.
1959JanuaryLethbridge, AB: Last steam locomotive-powered train arrives.
1959Jan. 2Keremeos, BC: RCMP open their new offices.
1959Feb. 8Hillcrest, AB: Hillcrest Miners’ Literary and Athletic Association’s hall burns.
1959MarchAllenby, BC: Granby Mining Company Limited begins casting magnesium machine parts in smelter.
1959Apr. 1Federal political: Charles Edward Rivett-Carnac appointed eleventh Commissioner of the RCMP (to March 31, 1960).
1959July 1Fort Macleod, AB: Replica of the original N-WMP fort declared open.
1959Aug. 2Governments suspend policy of capturing and incarcerating Doukhobor Freedomite children.
1959Nov. 15Hillcrest, AB: New Miners’ Hall dedicated.
1959Nov. 23B.C.: Last train across Coquihalla section of the Kettle Valley Subdivision; washout at Lear, BC.
1959Dec. 19AB political: John Percy Page appointed lieutenant-governor (to January 6th, 1966).
1960Federal political: Aboriginal Americans finally granted political enfranchisement.
1960Creston, BC: Interior Breweries Limited completed its new brewery.
1960Kimberley, BC: Sullivan concentrator begins sending iron ore to Consolidated Mining and Smelting steel works in Vancouver, BC.
1960Blairmore, AB: “West End” School closed.
1960Kimberley, BC: New hospital opened on “Townsite.”
1960Lundbreck, AB: New school completed.
1960B.C.: Highway 93 completed down the Rocky Mountain Trench to the Boundary at Grasmere.
1960Cowley, AB: Dept of Transport decertifies Cowley landing strip.
1960Feb. 8Lethbridge, AB: Indian Battle Park dedicated.
1960MarchFort Steele, BC: Site declared a Class “A” provincial park.
1960Apr. 1Federal political: Clifford Walter Harvison appointed twelfth Commissioner of the RCMP (to October 31, 1963).
1960July 2Passburg, AB: The Wayside Chapel, having been erected by recent immigrants from the Netherlands with the assistance of the Dutch Reformed Church, is dedicated.
1960SeptemberNatal, BC: Residents vote to incorporated community as a Village.
1960Sep. 1Blairmore, AB: Isabelle Sellon High School opened.
1960Sep. 12B.C. election: W.A.C. Bennett and Social Credit re-elected.
1960Oct. 22Saturday.
1960Oct. 22Saskatoon, SK: Karyn Lynne McIndoe born.
1960Dec. 22Natal, BC: Incorporated as a Village.
1961Poor crop year on the Prairies.
1961Federal political: McPherson Royal Commission on Transportation recommends that railroad companies not be forced to maintain unprofitable branch lines.
1961Trail, BC: The Victoria Bridge opened.
1961Federal political: Natives enfranchised.
1961Chapman Camp, BC: First load of pig-iron leaves the CM&S blast furnace.
1961Kikomun doab, BC: Barr family fold their “Sand Creek Dairy” operation.
1961Blairmore, AB: Western Canadian Collieries shuts down Greenhill mine.
1961Savanna, AB: Coleman Gas Plant constructed by Saratoga Processing.
1961Cowley, AB: Johnson Bros. set up sawmill.
1961Princeton, BC: Princeton Brewing Company bought up by Canadian Breweries Limited and promptly closed.
1961Bellevue, AB: West Canadian Collieries closes the Bellevue mine. Tipple removed in 1962.
1961Lethbridge, AB: The General Stewart Branch No. 4 of the Canadian Legion becomes the General Stewart Branch No. 4 of the Royal Canadian Legion.
1961Lethbridge, AB: Direct election of the Mayor implemented.
1961Castlegar, BC: Village assumes sole responsibility for airfield near Brilliant.
1961Jan. 1CPR creates Soo Line Railroad Company by amalgamating the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad Company, the Wisconsin Central Railroad Company and the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railroad Company.
1961Jan. 1B.C. Hydro and Power Authority created to absorb all the power companies in B.C. except for the CPR-owned West Kootenay Power and Light Company.
1961Jan. 9CPR announces permanent closure of the Coquihalla Section of the Kettle Valley Division.
1961Jan. 17Federal political: Prime minister J.G. Diefenbaker and U.S. president D.D. Eisenhower sign the Draft of the Columbia River Treaty in Washington, D.C.
1961Mar. 12Trail Smoke Eaters defeat the Russian team in Geneva, Switzerland, to win the World Amateur Hockey Championship.
1961Apr. 17Caithness, BC: DayLiner and freight train collide. Minor injuries, trackage blocked.
1961June 1Canadian Bank of Commerce and Imperial Bank of Canada merge.
1961JulyFederal political: CPR granted permission to abandon Coquihalla section of Kettle Valley Railway.
1961Aug. 1British Columbia Electric becomes a Crown corporation.
1961AutumnAlberta Natural Gas Company completes 2800 km-long pipeline from Alberta to San Francisco.
1961DecemberElko, BC: Alberta Natural Gas Company completes compressor station
1961Dec. 2Alberta Natural Gas Company begins pumping 500,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas per day to California.
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