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Time Line
for South-western Canada
Page 22 (1962 - 1974)

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1962B.C.: Rails pulled from lower portion of Coquihalla section of Kettle Valley Railway.
1962West bound traffic suspended on Kettle Valley Railway’s Boundary Subdivision (between Midway, BC, and Penticton): routed over Kootenay Central trackage to Golden, BC, on CPR Mainline.
1962B.C.: Paulson Bridge completed and Bonanza/Blueberry Pass section of Crowsnest Highway opened.
1962C&W 1927 station in Trail closed and the rails retracted to Tadanac.
1962Greenwood, BC: Consolidated Woodgreen Mines Limited ceases milling operations on Deadwood properties.
1962MarchBritish Columbia Electric and British Columbia Power Commission amalgamated to form B.C. Hydro and Power Authority.
1962Mar. 6B.C.: At 11:30 p.m. Doukhobor dissidents dynamite pylon on eastern shore of Kootenay Lake, BC, bringing down the power lines and blacking out the East Kootenays.
1962Mar. 24RCMP arrests 54 members of the Fraternal Council of Reformed Sons of Freedom Doukhobors and concentrated them in the Oakalla Provincial Prison in Burnaby, BC.
1962MayWardner, BC: Graf brothers sell site of Crow’s Nest Pass Lumber Company’s No. 1 mill to Cranbrook Cartage.
1962MayBlairmore, AB: Thomas Gushul, noted photographer, dies.
1962June 18Federal election: Diefenbaker returned as Progressive Conservative prime minister of Canada. Minority government.
1962JulyB.C.: Rogers Pass section of the Trans-Canada Highway opened to traffic.
1962July 1CP eliminates the Kettle Valley Division. The track from Penticton east is added to the Kootenay Division, from Penticton south to the Revelstoke Division, and from Penticton west to the Canyon Division.
1962July 27B.C.: Agassiz Mountain Prison, purpose-built to house Doukhobors led by Frances Storgeoff, opened.
1962Sep. 3Rogers Pass section of the Trans-Canada Highway officially opened by prime minister J.G. Diefenbaker.
1962Sep. 22M.D. McEachern School in Bellevue, AB, dedicated.
1962Oct. 5Bonanza/Blueberry Pass section of the Crowsnest Highway opened.
1962Oct. 24Last Spike removed from the Coquihalla Section of the Kettle Valley Subdivision.
1962NovemberHillcrest, AB: Hillcrest (Mission) School closed.
1962Lethbridge, AB: Record wind; 168 kmph.
1963Wardner, BC: Cranbrook Cartage abandon site of Crow’s Nest Pass Lumber Company’s No. 1 mill.
1963Castlegar, BC: Village builds a new terminal at its Airport.
1963Coleman, AB: Horace Allen School opened.
1963Coleman, AB: Cameron (West Ward) School closed.
1963Lethbridge, AB: First steps in creation of Nikka Yuko Gardens taken.
1963Lethbridge, AB: Bowman Elementary closed, bought by the City to house the civic museum.
1963Blairmore, AB: West Canadian Collieries allows the Greenhill mine to flood.
1963Jan. 17Fernie, BC: Snow Valley ski resort officially opened.
1963FebruaryLundbreck, AB: Windsor Hotel Burns.
1963Apr. 8Canadian Election: L.B. Pearson leads Liberals to minority power.
1963Apr. 27Castlegar, BC: Old Waldie sawmill burns while being salvaged.
1963May 1Savanna, AB: Phillips Cable Company opens its facility.
1963May 7Tuesday.
1963May 7Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Junior College dedicates its new building.
1963June 17AB Election: E.C. Manning and Social Credit re-elected.
1963July 8Federal political: Ottawa transfers responsibility for the construction of the Columbia River Treaty’s mandated infrastructure to the Province of B.C.
1963Sep. 18Galloway, BC: Galloway Lumber Co. planer mill burns. Replaced.
1963Sep. 27Fort Macleod, AB: Creston Sawmills Ltd. begins operating its Fort Plywood and Lumber Co. in three hangars on the air base.
1963Sep. 30B.C. political: W.A.C. Bennett and Social Credit re-elected.
1963Oct. 26Kelowna, B.C.: Last day of CN passenger service.
1963Nov. 1George Brinton McClellan appointed 13th Commissioner of the RCMP (to August 14, 1967).
1963Dec. 31AB political: Municipal District of Lethbridge dissolved.
1964Great Northern sells Crow’s Nest Pass Coal Company to the Kaiser Corporation.
1964Allenby, BC: Granby Mining Company ceases magnesium casting.
1964Greenwood, BC: CPR train derails, destroying station.
1964B.C.: Governments resolve to eradicate Natal-Michel.
1964Brocket, AB: Peigan Nation Secondary School opened.
1964Burmis, AB: Operations suspended since 1956, Burmis Lumber Company folds.
1964Creston, BC: Crestbrook Timber Limited buys a large stake in Creston Sawmills.
1964West Canadian Collieries sells its Crowsnest assets to West Canadian Mineral Holdings.
1964JanuaryB.C.: Province announces its retirement from the Okanagan Valley irrigation business.
1964Jan. 1AB political: County of Lethbridge No. 26 erected.
1964Jan. 17CP discontinues passenger service on its “southern mainline,” (the Kettle Valley Railway, the C&W, the C&K, the BC Southern).
1964Apr. 12Coleman, AB: The Empire Hotel burns down. Built 1905.
1964MayLethbridge, AB: CP gifts Montreal Locomotive Works 2-8-0 steam engine, N2A 3651, to the City.
1964June 25B.C.: Oliver and Osoyoos Fruit Growers’ Association forms the South Okanagan Lands Irrigation District (SOLID).
1964AugustFernie, BC: “Curse” lifted by chiefs Big Crane and Red Eagle of the Ktunaxa Tobacco Plains Band in a special ceremony.
1964Aug. 15B.C.: Kootenay Skyway portion of the Crowsnest Highway opened.
1964Aug. 15Long sections of the Crowsnest Highway in the West Kootenays renumbered.
1964Sep. 16Columbia River Treaty jointly signed by B.C. premier W.A.C. Bennett, Canadian prime minister Lester Bowles Pearson, and U.S. president Lyndon Baines Johnson.
1964Oct. 6Sparwood, BC: Incorporated as a Village.
1964Oct. 31Greenwood, B.C.: Anaconda smelter, idle for nearly 45 years, burned.
1964Nov. 10Emil Sick dies.
1964Nov. 24B.C.: Village of Nakusp incorporated.
1964Dec. 31U.S. deregulates the price of gold.
1965B.C.: Richter Pass section of Crowsnest Highway opened.
1965Castlegar, BC: Kinnaird Bridge completed.
1965Nelson, BC: City buys the lakefront airstrip.
1965Brocket, AB: St. Cyprian’s Residential School on the Piikani reserve closed.
1965B.C.: Crestbrook Timber Limited and Creston Sawmills amalgamate.
1965Castlegar, BC: Keenleyside Dam on Columbia River completed.
1965Frank, AB: Universal Reel and Recycling, Inc., founded as R&R Lumber Supplies.
1965AB: C.S.D. Coal Company, Limited, begins working the Diamond mine in the far north-east corner of the Lethbridge field.
1965JanuaryShaughnessy, AB: Workers walk out of Galt No. 10.
1965Jan. 1Hope, BC: Incorporated as a Town.
1965Jan. 9B.C.: Just before 0700 hours, Mount Outram slide buries the Crowsnest Highway in the Sunshine Valley, BC.
1965Feb. 4Shaughnessy, AB: Lethbridge Collieries, limited, closes Galt No. 10.
1965JuneCrestbrook Timber, Creston Sawmills and Pawluk Brothers’ Lumber Company amalgamated under Crestbrook banner.
1965April?Crow’s Nest Pass Coal Company renamed Crow’s Nest Industries, Limited.
1965May 4B.C.: Great Northern incorporated the Kootenay and Elk Railway Company.
1965Oct. 25(? date) Crow’s Nest Pass Coal Company becomes Crow’s Nest Industries Limited.
1965Nov. 8Pearson returned as Liberal prime minister of Canada. Minority.
1966B.C.: Provincial government buy-out of Michel and Natal residents begins.
1966Wardner, BC: CP salvages station.
1966Princeton, BC: Granby Mining Company begins redevelopment of Copper Mountain.
1966Procter, BC: Outlet Hotel demolished.
1966Brocket, AB: Sacred Heart Residential School closed on Piikani reserve.
1966Lethbridge, AB: “Stubb” Ross organized Time Air.
1966Lethbridge, AB: Opera House of 1890 demolished.
1966Kimberley, BC: Selkirk Senior Secondary School expanded.
1966Elko, BC: Crabb family opens the “3 & 93 Dairy Bar.”
1966Cowley, AB: CPR removes its old station/shed.
1966JanuaryB.C.: CP receives permission to abandon the Rossland–Warfield reach of the C&W.
1966Jan. 1Castlegar, BC: Incorporated as a Town.
1966Jan. 1Creston, BC: Incorporated as a Town.
1966Jan. 6AB political: John Walter Grant MacEwan appointed lieutenant-governor (to July 2nd, 1974).
1966Feb. 22B.C.: District of Kootenay Boundary was incorporated.
1966May 12B.C.: District of Sparwood incorporated.
1966May 16Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company officially adopts the name “COMINCO.”
1966June 21Bull River, BC: Trout hatchery opened.
1966JulyB.C.: CP strips steel from Warfield–Rossland reach of C&W.
1966SeptemberBC Hydro absorbs East Kootenay Power.
1966Sep. 12B.C. political: W.A.C. Bennett and Social Credit re-elected.
1966Nov. 1B.C.: Cominco shuts down HB mine operations.
1966Dec. 31AB: Crowsnest Pass School Division #63 created from the amalgamation of five local districts.
1967Keremeos, BC: Clarke and Armstrong packinghouse destroyed by fire.
1967Lethbridge, AB: Department of Transport buys Kenyon Field.
1967Lethbridge, AB: Old Galt Hospital re-opened as Sir Alexander Galt Museum.
1967Lethbridge, AB: Air Canada withdraws service.
1967Lethbridge, AB: Fort Whoop-up interpretive centre opened.
1967Lethbridge, AB: University of Lethbridge established.
1967JanuaryCanadian Pacific Gas & Oil’s Fording Coal Limited began developing a pair of strip mines at Fording River, BC.
1967Jan. 31Fort Macleod, AB: CPR station burns completely.
1967AprilAB: F.J. Harquail of Coleman Collieries, Limited, finalized a long-term contract to supply coal to Japan.
1967AprilB.C. Hydro merges East Kootenay Power into its corporate body.
1967Apr. 3Monday
1967Apr. 3Natal, BC: 3:59 pm. Fifteen of 32 man shift die in Crowsnest Industry Limited’s Balmer North mine. Ten hurt.
1967May 1B.C.: Crestbrook Lumber Company becomes Crestbrook Forest Industries.
1967May 1AB: Begins a Snowstorm that paralyses southern Alberta for three days.
1967May 23Alberta election: E.C. Manning and Social Credit re-elected.
1967May 25Midway, BC: Incorporated as a Village.
1967June 22Fort Steele, BC: Site dedicated as a provincial Heritage Park under the auspices of the Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing.
1967June 30Oliver, BC: Weyerhaeuser closes its sawmill.
1967July 16Lethbridge, AB: Nikka Yuko Centennial Gardens dedicated.
1967Aug. 5Kinnaird, BC: Incorporated as a Town.
1967Aug. 15Federal political: Malcolm Francis Aylesworth Lindsay appointed 14th Commissioner of the RCMP (to September 30, 1969).
1967Nov. 8Lethbridge, AB: Crowsnest Highway bridge over the Oldman dedicated.
1967DecemberPrinceton, BC: Newmont Mining Corporation of Canada, Limited, buys out Granby Mining’s interests on Copper Mountain.
1967Dec. 29Waldo, BC: Postal bureau closes.
1967Dec. 31AB political: Harry Edwin Strom replaces Manning as SoCred premier of Alberta.
1968B.C.: Crowsnest Highway from Creston to Curzon realigned.
1968Sparwood, BC: Community founded by Kaiser Corporation; 1.5 miles of CP’s Fording River Subdivision built to Kaiser’s Elkview Mine north of Sparwood.
1968Elko, BC: Crow’s Nest Industries completes sawmill plant.
1968Burmis, AB: H. Rinke buys the old Burmis Lumber Company site.
1968Burmis, AB: Postal bureau closed.
1968Federal political: National Indian Brotherhood organized in Canada.
1968AB: administration of the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation Districts reverts to the water users from the provincial government.
1968Federal political: Head-Smashed-In buffalo jump declared an National Historic Site.
1968Cranbrook, BC: New hospital opens.
1968Cranbrook, BC: Runway laid out for new airport nearby.
1968Canadian Pacific Railway renames itself “CP Rail.”
1968JanuaryKaiser Coal Limited agrees to supply Mitsubishi Trading Company, et al with 40 million tons of pulverized coal over a 15 year period beginning in 1970.
1968Jan. 2Fort Macleod, AB: General Coach & Trailer plant in hangars on the old airbase boins to the ground.
1968Feb. 29Kaiser Coal Limited bought the entire coal holdings of Crow’s Nest Industries.
1968Apr. 20Federal political: Pierre Elliott Trudeau succeeds as Liberal prime minister.
1968June 25Federal election: Trudeau leads Liberals to majority re-election.
1968July 2Roberts Bank, BC: Work commences on Westshore Terminals coal-loading project.
1968July 13B.C.: Airport midway between Kimberley and Cranbrook officially opened.
1968Aug. 1B.C.: Minto, in danger of being refloated by the rising Arrowhead Lakes, is burned by B.C. Hydro.
1968Sep. 27AB political: Ernest Manning retires as premier of Alberta.
1968Oct. 28Keremeos, BC: Keremeos Co-operative Growers Association opens packing house.
1968Oct. 30Newgate, BC: Postal bureau closes.
1968Oct. 31Baynes Lake, BC: Post office closes.
1968Nov. 28Middleton, BC: Two die when mine dump between Michel and Natal slumps onto Highway 3.
1968DecemberB.C. Hydro buys Crow’s Nest Industries’ power distribution system in Sparwood and the Michel valley.
1968Dec. 21Elko, B.C.: Crow’s Nest Industries opens new saw mill.
1968Dec. 23Newmont Mining Company Limited buys the Ingerbelle group of claims near Princeton, B.C., for $1.5 million.
1969Japanese sign long term contract for Elk River coal.
1969Grand Forks, BC: Pope & Talbot buys Grand Forks Saw Mill Limited.
1969Skookumchuk, BC: Crestbrook Forest Industries complete new pulp mill.
1969Yahk, BC: community hall burns.
1969AB: C.S.D. Coal Company, Limited, ceases working the Diamond. Last mine in the Lethbridge field.
1969Jan. 1B.C.: Marysville, Chapman Camp and the City of Kimberley amalgamate under the banner of Kimberley.
1969FebruaryCalgary Power abandons the Sentinal power plant at Crowsnest Lake, AB.
1969Jan. 29Allenby, BC: old Granby Consolidated’s concentrator building burned.
1969June 19Michel, BC: Three die in a flood underground in Balmer South mine.
1969Aug. 29B.C. electiion: W.A.C. Bennett and Social Credit re-elected.
1969Sep. 5Lethbridge, AB: Sod-turning for U of L “University Hall” on the “Campus in the Coulees.”
1969Oct. 1Federal political: William Leonard Higgitt appointed 15th Commissioner of the RCMP (to December 28, 1973).
1970Hope, BC: CPR abandons left bank of Fraser, strips bridge of rails.
1970Crowsnest, BC: Canada Post closes bureau.
1970Greenwood, BC: Leon Lotzkar offers Anaconda smelter site to the City. Accepted.
1970Grand Forks, BC: New airport completed.
1970Lethbridge, AB: Marathon Realty announces CP’s intention of removing its rail yards.
1970Federal political: Laws changed to allow alcohol on Indian Reserves for the first time.
1970Cranbrook, BC: CP built bridge at Fort Steele to connect the BC Southern to the Kootenay Central and abandoned the original BCS alignment between Colvali and North Star Junction nearby.
1970Burmis, AB: CP salvages its station.
1970Burmis, AB: St. Stanisla Kotska’s RC Church demolished.
1970Jan. 1Interior Breweries Company begins reorganizing.
1970Feb. 23First CN unit coal train arrives at Neptune Terminals in North Vancouver from Luscar, Alberta.
1970Mar. 2Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, and Spokane, Portland and Seattle combined into Burlington Northern Railroad.
1970Mar. 16B.C.: First CP coal train leaves Crowsnest for Neptune Terminals in Burrard Inlet.
1970Apr. 28B.C.: First CP unit coal train over Kootenay Central to Roberts Bank.
1970Apr. 30Roberts Bank, BC: First CP unit coal train arrives.
1970May 4Roberts Bank, BC: First coal vessel, the Snow White, leaves for Japan with first shipment.
1970JuneNewmont Mining Corporation of Canada, Limited, undertook to spend $75 million to redevelop Copper Mountain mines.
1970JuneSparwood, BC: CP begins construction on the 54 km reach of trackage up the Elk River to Fording River.
1970June 15Roberts Bank, BC: Westshore Terminals coal handling facility officially opened by B.C. premier W.A.C. Bennett and Canadian prime minister P.E. Trudeau.
1970June 21Natal, BC: Last parade.
1970JulyB.C. Hydro assumes responsibility for power distribution in Kimberley, Fernie and Cranbrook.
1970SeptemberGreenwood, BC: Aabro Mining and Oils Limited begins operating it concentration mill on its Deadwood (Mother Lode, Greyhound, Sunset) claims.
1970SeptemberColeman, AB: Thomas Holstead dies and the Coleman Journal ceases publication.
1970SeptemberColeman, AB: Crowsnest Comprehensive High School opened.
1971Michel, BC: Mining suspended permanently.
1971B.C.: CP completes Sparwood-Fording River branch in the Elk River’s valley.
1971Castlegar, BC: Volunteers begin construction the village of the Doukhobor Village Museum.
1971B.C.: Residential school at St. Eugene’s Mission closed.
1971B.C.: Crowsnest Highway re-aligned from Cranbrook to Elko.
1971Kimberley, BC: Old core of Selkirk Senior Secondary School burns.
1971Norcen Energy acquires Colamn Collieries, Limited, and Hillcrest-Mohawk Collieries.
1971B.C. Hydro begins Kootenay Canal project on Lower Kootenay River.
1971Riondel, BC: Cominco closed the Bluebell mine.
1971Castlegar, BC: New terminal building at airport.
1971Cowley, AB: CPR removes its 1910 station.
1971Elko, BC: Don Mazur Lumber Company begins operations (until 1976).
1971Last run of the “Dayliner” along the Aldersyde sub. between Lethbridge, Vulcan and Calgary.
1971May 14Fort Macleod, AB: Old federal courthouse (1902) closes. Becomes Town Hall.
1971July 16B.C.: District of Elkford incorporated.
1971July 17Federal political: Canadian Transport Commission permits the CPR to cease all passenger services south of the mainline in Alberta.
1971Aug. 30AB election: Edgar Peter Lougheed leads Progressive Conservatives to power.
1971June 29Cranbrook, BC: Post Office tower demolished.
1971Sep. 1Salmo, BC: Canex ceases operations at Jersey nearby.
1971Sep. 4Saturday.
1971Sep. 4Fernie, BC: Canada’s first Senator of Indian ancestry, James Gladstone, dies.
1971Dec. 31AB: CP amalgamates its Lethbridge and Medicine Hat divisions into the Calgary-headquartered Alberta South Divison.
1972Cranbrook, BC: The City and Ducks Unlimited designate Elizabeth Lake a protected wildlife sanctuary.
1972Bridesville, BC: Franks’ store burns. Not replaced.
1972Elkford, BC: CP completes Fording River Subdivision north to Fording open pit mine.
1972B.C.: Byron Creek Collieries buys Coal Mountain.
1972Galloway, BC: Creosote tanks at Galloway Lumber catch fire.
1972Creston, BC: Interior Breweries Company moved headquarters to Vancouver.
1972Vancouver, BC: Cheap imports drive Cominco to close its steel mill. Recovery of iron at Chapman mill suspended.
1972Japanese interests buy into Crestbrook Forest Industries.
1972Resources Service Group acquires West Canadian Mineral Holdings and its Crowsnest assets.
1972SpringB.C.: Floods wash out Burlington Northern’s bridges in Similkameen, CP’s Carmi Subdivision bridges on Kettle River.
1972Mar. 29Newmont Mining Corporation of Canada, Limited, brings Copper Mountain concentrator on line.
1972Apr. 1Pacific Great Eastern Railway renamed the British Columbia Railway.
1972May 31Peak of spring floods in Princeton.
1972May 31CP ceases tug and barge service on Okanagan Lake.
1972JuneNelson officially opens the Norman Stibbs Airport.
1972June 7CP completes laying rail on old Eastern BC right-of-way.
1972Aug. 4CP begins rail operations on the former EBC line to Coal Mountain.
1972Aug. 30B.C. political: 30th General Election.
1972Sep. 15B.C. political: Dave Barrett and New Democratic Party installed.
1972Sep. 29, 30Jersey, B.C.: The community auctioned off piece-meal.
1972Nov. 30Trudeau leads Liberals to re-election in Ottawa. Minority.
1973CP suspends service from Beaverdell, BC, to Penticton on the Carmi Subdivision.
1973Kimberley, B.C.: City adopts “Bavarian” theme.
1973Norcen Energy contracts Mannix Company’s Loram Group to mine Tent Mountain deposits.
1973Rossland, B.C.: CP closes and removes station.
1973Brocket, AB.: CP closes and removes station.
1973Treaty 7 nations awarded $250,000 for ammunition payments suspended since the 1880’s.
1973Feb. 15B.C.: CN suspends tug and barge service on Lake Okanagan.
1973AprilGN does some grading work on the Kootenay and Elk Railway right-of-way in south-eastern BC.
1973MayBurmis, AB: Rinke and Sons Lumber Company formed to operate a mill.
1973JuneB.C.: Scenes of the “The National Dream” filmed on the Myra Canyon trackage of the Carmi Subdivision.
1973July 10Lethbridge, AB: Record hottest day: 39.4ºC.
1973July 10Lethbridge, AB: Palliser Distillers opens plant.
1973Oct. 7Keremeos, BC: The South Similkameen Museum Society opens its museum. Constable W.B. Stewart, retired, of the BCPP, officiating.
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